The Photobooth
The hashtagBooth is a unique onsite photo booth system that merges the traditional Photobooth with social sharing app Instagram. It utilizes all the great features of Instagram (+twitter) to inspire consumers to tag their photos at events, marketing activations or in-store promotions. Not only it provides event entertainment, but most importantly, drives online buzz around the brand’s hashtag.

Guests use instagram and twitter to take photos and then tag them with a specific hashtag. The device can located photos with that specific hashtag and print them on site! Moreover, all printed photos are fully branded to make for a customized experience.
How it works
  • Place the hashtagbooth at your event
  • Define a specific hashtag
  • Invite attendees to take photos with their mobile devices using Instagram or twitter and then hashtag them with your events’ hashtag.
  • Photos appear instantly at the hashtagbooths’ screen where attendees can print them instantly
  • Printed photos are fully branded and carry instagram or twitter hashtags
  • Promote your Brand’s #hashtag: Inspire people to share more photos and create an instant social media buzz around your event! Generate user content by sharing consumer experiences on Instagram and Twitter
  • Provide event entertainment: Engage consumers with a fun experiential interaction.
  • Gain Brand impressions across social media channels: Friends of your event attendees/engaded consumer get to see the tagged photo and can possible connect to your Brand
  • Consumer give away: Consumers are rewarded with a personalized photo - a branded keepsake of you Brand
Why HashtagBooth?
A photobooth in your pocket
         Re-defining event-based photo printing
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Add ons
  • Instant upload to fb corporate fan page: Photos can be uploaded onsite, in real time to your brand’s facebook fan page. Our facebook widget creates an album to host all photos that are tagged with the event’s hashtag
  • Instant upload to webpages: Alternatively, we can drive traffic to your webpage by posting all photos that are tag with the event’s hashtag, directly to your ftp in real time.
  • Go big: We can provide you with a big screen or projection wall and have all tagged photos also appearing live on a the big screen!
Outrageously Fun Social Marketing
Click photos to enlarge
Click photos to enlarge
Branding options
Enhance your brands' communication by fully customizing your event
What can you brand
In addition to the creative branding that is integrated on the photos, here are some additional branding options:
Brand the booth
Brand the social media station
Customize your info flyers
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side B
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