How it works:
  • Our scene director provides the consumers with directions on picking the appropriate fun-props and position them at the shooting stage. Looking at the live view screen of the booth, just opposite, consumers can view them self's and adjust their position prior & during the shooting
  • Shooting begins, by pressing the go button at the live view touch screen and last about 10-15 seconds
  •  Just a few seconds after capturing the hilarious video, guest can see a preview on the screen and chose to save or reject the clip
  • The video is then streamed to the social media sharing station where guest can view the video through a tablet surface and share instantly to their facebook profiles
  • All videos are also streamed to a big screen, for guests to enjoy all that slow mo craziness…
  • Photographic white backdrop 270x300cm
  • SlowMo Videobooth unit (PB mini upgraded)
  • Professional lighting
  • Social media sharing stand with 2 Ipad tablets
  • 1x40’’ screen, displaying videos 
  • Props stand
  • 2 specialized members of staff to run the show.
The motion videobooth is an addictive interactive booth for brand activations that generate hilarius user content. It encapsulates everything from confetti fights to crazy dancing and hilarious performing, allowing consumers to be a lot more creative. It offers a much more dynamic experience to consumers that manages to capture each hilarious moment of joy, creativity, fun and wild energy, at super slow & fast motion. It all wraps up to posting the content generated on consumers’ facebook profile & clients facebook fan page instantly, using our savvy social media sharing platform.

What makes our motion booth so successful is the fully automated operating system that integrates high end technology with smart features making the overall experience awesome.
Outrageously Fun Social Marketing
The Photobooth
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Motion Videobooth
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