we provide state of the art fully digital photobooths solutions that can support any type of marketing activation or corporate event. 

All our booths feature on site branded footprint, custom branded photos that are instantly printed and can be shared via social media integration. View the services listed below to find out more about added value features and apps.
Product Info
product info
PB Classic DC
Stylish sleek lines all-black
photobooth unit...product info
PB Classic TX
True nostalgic look and feel, with modern design enhancements...
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PB Mini
This unit is a free standing modern looking solution. Sleek and sophisticated design...product info
Creative Branding
Branded photos create continued brand interaction, as consumers share their photos with friends after the actual event. Instantly printed high quality photos become valuable giveaways that are unlikely to be thrown away as traditional give aways.
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portrait photo format
all time classic
Green Screen
All our booths embed state of the art green screen photo experience that allows the integration of digital backgrounds into the photo. 
Using ‘live view’ on the photobooth screen, people preview themselves in front of the final background and interact accordingly. 
Moreover, there is the option to have several digital backgrounds, that the consumer can choose from, on the spot. 
We overlay header & footer brand’s messaging, insert logos and brand’s artwork. 
Using the power of green screen technology, we help you create unique and unforgettable photos that speak for your brand and are greatly appreciated by consumers. 
Our ability to integrate directly with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and others, allows you to create a strong connection between your brand and consumer. Click here to find out more about our social media abilitiesLearn more...
Custom Text
The app permits consumers to insert their personal message (eg.name) on the printed photo. Before the start of the shooting, a digital keyboard appears on the photobooth screen, where consumers can insert their message.
Social Media Integration
PB Instagram App
We provide a variety of Photo & Instagram filters that will enhance the photos taken in our photobooth units.
Most of the Instagram filters are available on site, such as X-Pro II, Sutro, Toaster, Valencia, Inkwell, etc
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product info
Mouseover onto the photos
 to view the greenscreen effect
External Display
Another way to liven up your event is to showcase all the pictures taken from the photo booth in a slideshow through a large screen or a wall projection. 
Wall projections create a wow effect, making people look like stars.
Branding Options
Enhance your brands' communication by fully customizing your event
What can you brand
In addition to the creative branding that is integrated on the photos, here are some additional branding options:
Brand the booth
Brand the social media station
Customize photostrip wrappers
Customize internal touchscreen with artwork and key messages
Click photos to enlarge
Outrageously Fun Social Marketing
The Photobooth
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