The PB Sharing Platform works like a fully branded consumer portal that allows the sharing of branded photos to a wide range of social media networks and encourages consumer interaction with your page.
Consumer excitement
- Post photos on facebook, twitter and other social media channels
- View branded content and brands’ promotions (langing page)
- Instant ‘Like’ of the client’s corporate fan page
- ’Follow’ button for the brand’s twitter account
- Links to brand’s web page
- Track the number of facebook and Twitter views
- Track how many friends of the consumer viewed the shared photo (passive impressions) on facebook and twitter
- Capture conusmers’ email data 
- Brand impressions are multiplied, as more and more people view & comment on the posted photo
- Consumer Engagement Reports: Through Google analytics we deliver detailed feedback for the total brand impressions and the overall performance of your activation
Marketing Value
Appreciating the importance of measuring the results for each activation, we utilize a sophisticated sharing system that allows us to track consumer engagement and deliver certified ROI to our clients.
Consumer journey
View: Images are instantly printed and simultaneously streamed to a tablet where consumers can view their photos

Send: consumer emails photo (up to four email addresses)   

Receive: consumer receives an email with a link that redirects to a fully branded web page (we call it “Landing Page”)

Share: branded photo can be shared to multiple social media networks, while instant Likes of the clients fun page and several other online initiatives encourage interaction with the brand. 

Posting on facebook & twitter: photo appears on consumers’ facebook & twitter timeline where friends can view & comment on photo. As soon as a friend clicks on the photo to view, they are redirected to the landing page. 

Measuring success: using Google analytics we can track the views and click-throughs of each photo that is shared, and the overall online consumer engagement, we can measure how successful your activation was.

Consumer Engagement Report: client receives detailed reporting of the total brand impressions, online activity, printed photos and the overall performance of the consumer activation.
Outrageously Fun Social Marketing
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