The Photobooth
The Photo Sketch Wall is our latest interactive photo solution that allows consumer to personalize their photos with an exciting and remarkable way. This unique product will take any photo taken at our photobooths (or any of our photobooth solutions) and stream it directly to a large digital wall 280X280cm where consumers can customize their photo using exiting digital tools.

The system uses Infrared Spray Cans with realistic graffiti effects to create a vibrant and colorful drawing. It feels like the real thing! You can change color, brush size and brush effect to create wonderful and exciting artwork. Different drawing techniques can be used to customize photos: spraying, using virtual stencils, stamps, photo effects and drawing effects, applying specialized painting methods like dripping just like real graffiti, make the experience so realistic. You can also preload a selection of predefined backgrounds and branded covers, allowing you to add brand logos and artwork.

The output is a digital image file that can be instantly printed and shared across various social media channels.

No paint, no smell, no messjust the fun!
Photo Sketch Wall: Photo Customization re-Imagined!

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