Classic and Mini photobooth units share the same features as listed below 

- Digital background photo integration (Green Screen app)
- Prints classic vintage photostrips (5X15cm), or single photos (10X15cm) 
- Customizable photos with your theme artwork & messages
- Instant printing of high resolution photos (10 -18 MP) in less than 7’’
- Video messaging
- Brand the booth with your wedding theme
- Instant upload to social media
PB Classic DC
Elegant, sleek design, black photobooth unit. Features an external monitor.
Versatile photobooth that accomodates up to 6 persons. 
PB Classic TX
True nostalgic look and feel, with modern design enhancements. Versatile photobooth unit that can accommodate up to 6 persons. 
Features ceiling lighting and external monitor.
PB Mini
No curtains. This unit is a free standing modern looking solution. Sleek and sophisticated design, ultra-compact and versatile unit, easy to transport and setup. 
Available in white or black color.
Fully digital booth, choice of green screen or white back stand. 
Creative Branding
With unlimited prints, the fun never stops and everybody gets a photographic memento to take away. A personalized message on every photographic print will ensure your guests always remember the occasion! 

We can print classic vintage photostrip or single portrait photos. 
Our creative staff will work with you to customize graphics and key messages. Additionally our state of the art green screen, (a standard feature in all our photobooth units), allows us to customize backgrounds and create amazing photos. The option to actually choose onsite, from a variety of backgrounds, enhances your guests’ experience and ups the fun!

Our ability on “branding” your photo is unparallel! It is our expertise after all.

The combination of a 18MP DSLR camera, a studio flash and a Photo-lab quality printer ensure you receive the sharpest photostrips in the industry.
You also receive a digital copy of every photostrip taken at your event. 
The DVD will contain high-resolution images, so you can share the fun and laughter from your photobooth rental experience.
The memory book is definitely the best part of having a photobooth at your event!  
At the end of the night you get an photo album filled with photostrips, heartfelt messages, and beautiful memories

Typical wedding guestbooks are often nothing more than autographs that spend eternity in a drawer. But a PhotoBooth Memory Book is suitable for display on your living room coffee table, and provides visual memories that last a lifetime! The personalized comments and photos turn it into a treasured heirloom.

All your guests do is pose for pictures, keep one copy of their photo(s) and place one in the memory book with a personalized message. 

We handle the assembly and provide all the materials! We make the memory book for you.

All you need to do, is to decide where to place the memory book and we will handle the rest, from gluing the strips and guiding the guests, to setting up and delivering the book to you after the wedding.
All our photobooths have the added option of capturing HD video messages. Instead of having a cameraman to interview guests while they are sitting at their table, allow them to record their thoughtful message from inside the booth.
Your guests can have fun with the photobooth and keep printing unlimited photostrips, but also enjoy the added fun of video messaging that makes your photobooth rental an outstanding value for money, while capturing more memories for you to keep.
Party Props
Props can lift off the fun of your photobooth rental. 
We offer a great variety to choose from and they include silly hats and wigs, amusing glasses and various jewelry and garments.​
Video Messaging
Customize your wedding photobooth to perfectly fit to your wedding theme and decoration.
Brand it all!
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  • thephotobooth_0091
  • 20120310_133205
  • 20130518_222729p
  • 20120310_134713
  • thephotobooth_0177
  • 20120310_145046
  • thephotobooth_0208
  • 20000101_003516p
  • 20120310_183659
  • thephotobooth_0029
  • Photostrip White Sea
  • thephotobooth_0069
  • ThePhotobooth_0018s
  • thephotobooth_0217
  • thephotobooth_0082
  • thephotobooth_0032
  • thephotobooth_0242
  • thephotobooth_0367 - Copy
  • thephotobooth_0033s
  • kuriakou_0506
  • thephotobooth_0054a
  • thephotobooth_0522
  • thephotobooth-0063
  • 20130214_002515p
  • thephotobooth_0092 - Copy
  • ThePhotobooth_0241
  • thephotobooth_0093s - Copy
  • thephotobooth-0211
  • ThePhotobooth_0200 - Copy (2)
  • ThePhotobooth_0111s
  • thephotobooth_0039
  • thephotobooth_0180
  • thephotobooth_0404
  • thephotobooth_0405
  • thephotobooth_0189a
  • thephotobooth-0272
  • ThePhotobooth_0099
  • thephotobooth_0195a
  • thephotobooth_0049
  • thephotobooth_0201s - Copy
  • thephotobooth-0095
  • thephotobooth-0407
  • thephotobooth_0321s
  • thephotobooth-0054
  • thephotobooth_0411s
  • thephotobooth-0096
  • thephotobooth-b0019
  • thephotobooth-0172
  • thephotobooth_0501
  • thephotobooth-b0016
Memory Book
Allow your guests to instantly share photos just taken at the booth across social media sites.

Taking pictures and sharing them with friends couldn't be any easier with our social media sharing tools. 

You can either choose our PB social media app, or create a customized Wedding Internet page to receive and share photos instantly.
Online Gallery
After the party everyone can go online and check out your own on-line gallery! 
All event photos are available at a private album, allowing guests to visit and download images in high resolution. 
Most importantly this is a FREE SERVICE!
Share on Social Media
A special occasion is only as special as you and your guests make it – and one way to ensure your big day’s success, is to make sure it’s memorable.

That’s why choosing a photobooth for your wedding is the perfect addition for your big day!

Add the magic touch to your wedding reception or birthday party and let your guests have a blast while you get to capture those unique moments.

And we do indeed capture everyone at their finest moment. 

Let Photobooth be the talk of the night!
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Package & optional services
Standard Package
- 6 hours rental
- Transfer & set-up in Athens and suburbs
- Unlimited prints
- High quality photos
- Photobooth assistant
- Digitally embedded photo background (Greenscreen)
- Photostrip artwork
- White board background (applies only for Photobooth Mini)
- Slideshow screen (applies only for Photobooth Classic)
- Double photostrip prints
- All photos in usb stick
- Online gallery (password protected)
Optional Services
- Memory book & premium memory book
(comes with Photobooth hostess service)
- Photobooth hostess
- Video messaging
- Photobooth Party props
- Brand the Booth
- Internet page for sharing photos to social media
- Save the date - photostrip invitation
- 'Thank you' photostrip
- X4 prints
- Single photo prints 10*15cm or 15*20cm
- Filter effects
- 40" screen for slide show or wall projections
Brand the exterior of the booth
Customize photostrip
Brand the social media station
PB social media app
Guests can instantly share photos on social media or email them to friends & family that couldn’t attend. All photos taken from the booth are streamed to an Ipad tablet where you can view, share and email on the spot!

Wedding Internet page 
Works like a wedding portal for sharing all photos taken at the booth. Your guests enter their email address and in a few seconds they receive a link that takes them to your wedding photo portal where they can retrieve and share the photo. The page is fully customizable, allowing you to add artwork and colors of your wedding theme and thank you messages to your guests.
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  • Photobooth_wedding_banner5
Photobooth_wedding_banner11 Photobooth_wedding_banner22 Photobooth_wedding_banner33 Photobooth_wedding_banner44 Photobooth_wedding_banner55
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Photography & Instagram filters
We provide a variety of Photo & Instagram filters that will enhance the photos taken in our photobooth units.
Most of the Instagram filters are available on site, such as X-Pro II, Sutro, Toaster, Valencia, Inkwell, etc
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