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From the classic cabin n’ curtain, to modern minimalistic open-air booths, vintage looking or techy, we always discover together the ideal solution that perfectly fits your event. 

We use the most advanced post-processing and retouch software to deliver magazine quality photos that are instantly branded and available to share. We work on several layouts:  horizontal or vertical one-picture formats, Ιnstagram square, classic strip and giant strip.

Mirror Max

This modern mirror photo booth with a breathtaking 6-foot-tall, all mirror design, truly shines out in the crowd!


Meticulously engineered with a frameless front and an all-aluminum back,  MirrorMax poses a particular aesthetic and incredible “WOW” factor. 

The quality of the screen and the smart interface coding archives produce on the one hand the mesmerizing crisp graphics, and on the other, the high reflectivity that is expected of a top-quality mirror.

Modern yet elegant, it is the last word in interactive picture taking.

mirror max.png
Mirror Max
Mirror Max
Mirror Max
Mirror MAX
Mirror Max Papastratos
Mirror max_premium
MIrror Max

Mirror  booth

The Mirror Booth is a refreshing alternative

to the traditional or lounge photo booth solutions.  Elegant and stylish, comprises the latest technology in interactive picture taking.

The full-length mirror works as a touch screen, with colourful animations and customised messages that guide guests to a spectacular photoshoot experience.

Mirror booth
Mirror blanc
Mirror Dior
Mirror IQOS
Mirror IQOS 2

Retro wood

This vintage-inspired design will definitely catch your guests’ eyes.

The handcrafted all-wood structure encloses the very best in photography equipment

to deliver superb photo quality, while the ‘Ring Flash’ technology will spread the light evenly for a special glow.

You may choose between two models:

light & dark wood.

PB retro-3.png
retro wood backdrop
retro wood white
retro wood custom
retro wood close up
retro wood green screen
MicrosoftTeams-image (9)

Studio booth

The Studio Booth upgrades dramatically the PhotoBooth experience, as it provides guests with more space and freedom to express themselves.

By reproducing studio photography environments,

the studio booth captures the moment in brilliantly sharp detail.

The standard setup comes with a sophisticated camera kit and a ‘sharing & printing’ stand.

Printed backdrop, green screen or AI background removal are the available options.

Studio booth MSD
Studio booth VF
Studio booth Adidas
Studio booth custom
Studio booth Kotsovolos
Studio booth Adidas Marathon

Studio Glam booth

Studio glam booth its an automated mini photo studio.

A premium service that differs from the happy photobooth concept and the old time classic photostrip.

A professional photographic setup that offers a glam-up experience. The automated ‘skin-smoothing’ processing and the photographic filters give a ‘glowing’ effect on the photo result.

Studio glam2
MicrosoftTeams-image (2)
adidas savvy
alex wedding

Free style photographer 

A Mobile photographer using high - tech DSLR camera kit equipment, covers all your needs in a set up that has more than one interesting corners to shoot.

A premium service that differs from the happy photobooth concept and the old time classic photostrip.

Free style photogragher

Photobooth Mini

Its sleek open-air design, versatility and awesome

HD capturing system have made the PhotoBooth Mini extremely popular among our clients for both indoor and outdoor events.

Fully brandable to enhance your brands presence. Perfect for promotions, sporting events, trade shows, concerts, and parties.

The PhotoBooth Mini comes with a photographic white backdrop, or you may choose a digital background by making the most out of the AI Background Removal feature. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)
Photobooth Mini GSK
Photobooth Mini Estee Lauder
Photobooth Mini Adidas
Photobooth Mini custom
Photobooth Mini Avra


Inspired by the early days of photography, the digital camera is disguised inside an original antic 1920’s wooden camera with tripod.


It brings a sense of nostalgia and a unique vintage feel to any event. 

vintage photobooth custom
vintage photobooth custom
vintage photobooth loumidis

Classic photobooth

Booths and curtains are what most people think of when they hear the words “photo booth”. Though equipped with digital features, our Curved Classic Booth still retain the glamor of the past.

Ideal for guests who enjoy a more “private” photo session.

Photobooth Classic Rayban
Photobooth Classic VF
Photobooth Classic AIA
Photobooth Classic DIOR
Photobooth Classic Vogue
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